Unsolved inefficiencies: The case of the clogged filter

Whether you realize it or not, your heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system is always hard at work in one way or another. Whether it’s cooling your home on those hot summer days or keeping it toasty during the chilly winter nights, HVAC systems play an important role in your everyday life.


Your HVAC system comes in contact with a myriad of different factors each day that could lead to clogged filters. But why do these filters need to be clean in the first place? When filters are clean, you benefit by getting:
• Improved air quality
• Better energy efficiency
• Extended HVAC system life
• Less frequent system repairs
• Better temperature control

To ensure your system is always putting its best foot forward, take time to check filters monthly or as the manufacturer states.


So, what clogs your filter?
• Shedding pets
• Carpet versus hardwood floors
• Pollen, dust, etc.
• Fireplaces or other wood-burning heat sources
• Cigarette smoke


With such a vital workhorse at your disposal, it’s important to make sure your HVAC system is maintained and working properly throughout the year, and a key part of that maintenance revolves around filters. Along with regular cleaning, you have to choose the filter type that’s best suited for your home and your needs.

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