New Service

Welcome to the CAEC New Service center. This is your location for establishing new electric service connection as a new member, or as an existing member, you are able to request one of the many other products and/or services offered by Central Alabama Electric Cooperative.

New Connections/Membership – I am requesting new electric service and membership in the co-op.

Additional Services – I am an existing member and would like to request additional CAEC products or services.

Not sure which option is right for you? Give us a call today locally at (334) 365-6762, or toll free at (800) 545-5735, and one of our customer service representatives will assist you with finding the solution that is right for you.


CAEC offers our new Member’s choices on how you would like to be billed:

Prepay Billing – Avoid the deposit (if required) by selecting Prepay billing. Prepay allows you to monitor and check your consumption on a daily basis to better manage your usage. Receive notifications through text, email or by phone concerning your daily or low balance amounts. Payments can be made using our automated payments over the phone or pay your bills through the internet. Either way you have the convenience of having 24-hour access to these payment methods. There are no delinquent fees associated with Prepay.

Monthly Billing – The deposit is $500* (if required). CAEC reads the meter each month and within three to four days after the reading has been posted to your account, a bill is mailed to you. After 15 days if your bill has not been paid, a 5% penalty will be added to your account. Payments can be made using our automated payment system over the phone or pay your bill through the internet via our website. Either way you have the convenience of having 24-hour access to these payment methods.

Prepay Billing Monthly Billing
Membership Fee $5 $5
Connect Fee $40 $40
Deposit $0 $500* (Maximum based on credit check)
Prepayment of Usage $25 $0
Total $70 $545

Savings of $500 by choosing Prepay Billing if a deposit is required for Monthly Billing

*If your credit score falls within CAEC’s requirements, the deposit for Monthly Billing will be waived.

Meter Pole Requirements

Underground Requirements

CAEC installing conduit & conductor

Consumer installing conduit & CAEC installing conductor