Environmental Partnerships

woodpecker clippingCAEC is committed to providing safe, reliable energy for our members while striving to improve habitats for wildlife within CAEC’s power line corridors. CAEC is a good steward of the environment by participating in programs and partnerships like the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Energy for Wildlife program and the Alabama Wildlife Federation that promote, protect and preserve our natural resources.


NWTF Energy for Wildlife Program

Did you know that most temporary power outages are caused by overgrown vegetation? These trees, vines and tall brush can disrupt the electric power to homes and businesses in our area.

CAEC is committed to ensuring that you have reliable and efficient electric service. One way we do this is by maintaining the vegetation growth in and around power line corridors, while providing a natural habitat for wildlife.

To help with our environmental efforts, CAEC partnered with the National Wild Turkey Federation’s (NWTF) Energy for Wildlife program. NWTF and CAEC work together creating a vegetation management plan to maintain and improve wildlife habitat within CAEC’s power line corridors.


Alabama Wildlife Federation

CAEC’s partnership with Alabama Wildlife Federation was a natural fit, as their mission is “to promote the conservation of Alabama’s wildlife and related natural resources, as a basis for the social and economic prosperity of present and future generations, through wise use and responsible stewardship of our wildlife, forests, fish, soils, water, and air.”