Green Power Choice Program

green power logoGreen Power Choice offers our members the option of purchasing blocks of power generated from renewable resources: wind and methane gas.

This program gives you a simple way to support renewable energy by purchasing blocks of green power from CAEC. Green power is available in 100-kilowatt hour blocks. Blocks will cost $2 each with these charges being in addition to your regular kilowatt-hour charge.

Buying two blocks of green power per month for a year equals recycling 480 lbs. of aluminum or 1,766 lbs. of newspaper.

Using this renewable energy improves the future availability of our fossil fuel supply, and it further diversifies the mix. Greater generation diversity provides a more reliable power supply and a small hedge against increasing coal and natural gas prices. For more information about or to sign up for the Green Power Choice program, visit the call (334) 365-6762, (800) 545-5735 or fill out and return the following form.

Green Power Choice Registration Form