Electric Grills & Smokers

CAEC has a selection of electric barbecue grills and smokers that offer all the great taste without many of the hassles. These outdoor grills provide plug-and-grill cooking. No problems starting the fire, running out of fuel or repairing singed eyebrows. You can cook with wood chips, slowly barbecue a whole roast or bird or sear a thick steak. And the temperature controls are at your fingertips. Our Meco grills are Clean cooking, safe and convenient and can be purchased at our main office in Prattville. You can even make payments through your electric bill.

Lock and Go Portable Grills

  • 2120-4-111Attractive pedestal base
  • Variable 1650-watt element
  • 190 square-inch nickel-plated cooking grid

Model 2120 $80


Deluxe Cart Electric Grill with Rotisserie

  • 9329W9-181Rotisserie
  • 200 square-inch porcelain-coated cooking grate
  • 1670-watt element
  • Two foldable side tables
  • Plus window

Model 9329W $195


Deluxe Cart Electric Grill

  • 9325-8-181Two foldable side tables
  • 200 square-inch porcelain coated cooking grate
  • 1670-watt elements

Model 9325 $180


Electric Water Smoker

  • 5030-4-181Two 15.5″ Cooking Grids
  • UL 1650 Watt Element
  • Heat Indicator
  • Converts to Lock & Go Grill
  • Satin Black

Model 5030 $125


Call to order: Toll-free: (800) 545-5735