Lightning Protection

Stop lightning and other electrical disturbances from damaging your appliances and electronics with Central Alabama Electric Cooperative’s Power Quality Plus program.

For $5.50 per month added to your CAEC electric bill, you can get exceptional protection with our four-year lease program for our Meter Base Unit.

Warranties: You will be provided with a copy of the warranty information prior to installation and purchase.

Product specifications: All products are UL rated, and detailed information on clamping power and ratings is available.

Meter Base Unit

The meter base unit is recommended for all homes because it is the first line of defense against lightning strikes. It protects your “white appliances,” such as stoves, refrigerator, air conditioners, heat pumps, washer, dryer, etc. Additionally, for product warranties to be in full force, the meter base unit is required. Think of it as the outside walls of a castle.

This Homeguard unit mounts between your home and our meter. We test the grounding at your home and install the unit as a part of the price. If your home needs to be grounded, there is an additional $25 charge.

Call to order: Toll-free: (800) 545-5735

Lightning can damage or destroy appliances, such as stoves and refrigerators, as well as electronics, such as computers, TVs, VCRs, DVDs and microwaves. Nearly all electrically operated home devices have computer chips in them, which make them very susceptible to damage from lightning and other disturbances. To help further improve lightning protection in your home, you can find point-of-use devices, such as strips. Lightning strips have an on/off switch and are best used to protect the appliances they are designed for.

While we do not sell point-of-use devices (such as those listed below), they can be found at many local retailers.

Entertainment strip:

  • Protects all entertainment equipment such as TVs, DVD/Blueray players, cable/satellite boxes and stereos.
  • Lifetime warranty on the strip and $100,000 or more is available on product replacement.
  • Protection between 2,100 and 4,000 joules is ideal.

Home Office strip:

  • Protects all home office equipment: computer, printer, phone, fax and anything that is in your home office.
  • Lifetime warranty on the strip and $150,000 or more is available on product replacement.
  • Protection between 1,800 and 4,000 joules is ideal.

When purchasing a strip, look for the correct type for your intended appliance and read the warranty in full to verify what needs to be in place for the warranty to be valid.