Green Energy Solutions

CAEC is committed to helping our members save their energy dollars. One way is by providing a variety of online resources for you to research energy-saving ideas. Check out these energy tips and programs designed to help you save more by using less.

Energy Tips

CAEC offers a series of energy tips on a variety of energy efficiency topics. If you are seeking information on a specific topic, you might like to use the search function at the top. It only searches within this site.

Our home calculator lets you compare different scenarios to estimate savings from making changes, or see what your home’s current appliances or lighting could  be adding to your energy usage or what changes you could make to lower your energy consumption.

Energy for Kids

Fun, informative ways for kids to learn the value of saving electricity!

Energy Hog Game: Defeat energy hogs and become a Hog Buster!

Energy Kids: Games, information and more!