Peak Shaving Program

CAEC’s wholesale power costs are determined by our members’ highest electricity usage and can affect your rates for the whole year if that usage is extremely high…but there’s something you can do through CAEC’s peak shaving program.

This effort targets water heaters, which can use approximately 18 percent of your home’s annual electricity. A peak shaving device (PSD) for your electric water heater will be installed AT NO COST to you by a licensed electrician. While you still have hot water when you need it, the reheating process is delayed to off peak times. The objective of the Peak Shaving Program is simple – if CAEC’s system energy usage can be reduced during peak times, then we can lower the impact of our wholesale power cost. Peak energy can cost two to three times more to produce than off peak power, but this program offers a way to manage electricity use at the most expensive times. Keeping CAEC’s wholesale power costs down helps to keep rates stable for all of our members.

How does the program work?

  • Let CAEC know you want to participate in the free Peak Shaving Program by calling (800) 545-5735, ext. 2118.
  • Those who participate can qualify for a water heater rebate.
  • The PSD is installed by a licensed electrician at no cost to you.
  • You still have hot water when you need it; the reheating process is just delayed to off-peak times.

We have a five-year goal of having 5,000 water heater PSDs installed; and with your participation, we can achieve this objective. With the PSD installations to date, CAEC’s wholesale power costs have already been offset by more than $400,000.

Together, we can control the way we manage our personal energy use. If you want to do your part to help keep rates with CAEC’s peak shaving program, call (800) 545-5735, ext. 2118.