Slowing Energy Loss from Pools and Spas

During the summer, a typical backyard pool can use enough energy to power an entire home for three months making it a good reason to maintain and operate your pool or spa at peak efficiency.

Apply these few tips to help save energy, water and the money you spend on utility bills.

A pool filter can be one of the largest users of electrical energy in a home. If you reduce the amount of time you run the pump, you’ll save energy and money. Consider installing a high-efficiency, two speed pump for the pool. These pumps are set to run at lower speeds, for longer lengths of time, saving energy.

Another way to reduce energy loss and costs from the pool or spa is to install a blanket or cover. A good pool cover can keep the water in your pool an average of 10 degrees warmer, which can cut your pool heating cost by up to 90 percent.

Be sure to check the filter system periodically. Clogged filters can cause the pool to work harder, using more electricity. Additionally, check with a pool service technician to determine how long the filtration system for the pool or spa needs to run in order to effectively clean the pool. You may be able to shorten the length of the cleaning cycle. For example, run your pool for eight hours instead of 12 or 24 hours during non-swimming months.

Pools or spas can use a large amount of energy to heat the water and operate the filtrations systems. The steps you take to conserve will save you money while you continue to enjoy that backyard swim or relaxation in the spa.