Light up Your Holidays for Less with LEDs

Replacement Christmas Light BulbsWhen store aisles are full of holiday décor and you might notice that not only do some of these items make your home look festive, but they do so while saving money on your energy bill. LED (Light-emitting diodes) Christmas lights not only offer a quality alternative to traditional incandescents, but many other advantages as well.

First, using LED Christmas lights on a 6-foot tree, 12 hours a day for over 40 days can save at least 90 percent on holiday light energy costs when compared to using traditional incandescent lights. LED’s also have a much longer operational life span, lasting roughly 20,000 hours and are cooler to the touch than incandescents—helping to reduce the risk of fire and personal injury.

While many LED lights are made in the same shapes and varieties as traditional lights, they are more durable than incandescent lamps and are typically made of solid plastic rather than glass.

When purchasing LED’s, look for manufacturers and brands with the ENERGY STAR logo designating them as having been tested for energy efficiency and quality standards. And as always, make sure you purchase the correct light for the job—outdoor lights should only be used outdoors and indoor lights for indoors.

Show your holiday spirit this season, and save on your energy bills at the same time with LED holiday lights.