Expensive home problems and how to fix them

Finding energy efficient solutions for your household appliances without breaking the bank can seem like an impossible task, but rest assured that your electric cooperative is here to help! Find out what solutions we offer and how you can benefit from them.

If you’d like for your home to be more energy efficient but are concerned that some of the larger projects seem financially daunting, CAEC offers numerous benefits and services designed to meet your needs. For instance, perhaps you realize your old drafty windows are letting your energy dollars escape or your water heater or heat pump isn’t performing efficiently, what are you to do? CAEC’s loan and rebate programs are here to help our members when it’s time to replace these products with energy efficient options.

Energy efficiency loan program We realize that sometimes financing can be the biggest drawback to making your home more energy efficient, and this is where our Co-op Energy Efficiency Loan Program comes into play. Through an agreement with PowerSouth, our generation and transmission supplier, and Regions Bank, this loan program is designed to help members finance one or multiple energy efficiency improvements in the home.

Heat pump rebate By taking advantage of our heat pump rebate, CAEC members can potentially receive refunds on dual fuel systems and mini-split systems for both standard and manufactured homes—even those bought through our loan program! Additionally, we offer rebates for both new and existing manufactured homes that are replacing an electric furnace with a heat pump. To qualify for this rebate, you must have a licensed or certified HVAC dealer install the unit, a load calculation must be performed on the home, and members must provide an invoice to CAEC proving purchase. For manufactured homes, CAEC must complete an inspection of the skirting.

Water heater rebate With CAEC’s water heater rebate program, members can purchase a new water heater from any store and receive a rebate for meeting a few qualifications. First, only electric water heaters, not tankless, are considered for this rebate, and must have a minimum energy factor of .92. Participation in CAEC’s Peak Shaving Program (PSP) is also required to qualify for a water heater rebate.

Regardless of what your home may need to become more energy efficient, rest assured that CAEC is always here to lend a helping hand to you, our valued members.