When to Call a Professional

The phrase, “call a licensed electrician,” is a common expression when discussing home projects that involve wiring and electricity. This is very important advice to follow because electricity can not only seriously injure you or others, it can also cause damage to your home or create a situation where hazards could occur down the road, such as an electrical fire.

We always suggest the use of a professional when it comes to many of your home’s electrical projects, especially exposed wiring and other electrical hazards. If you’re experiencing the following signs, they could be symptoms of a serious electrical problem and you should contact a qualified, licensed electrician as soon as possible:

  • Damaged Circuits:  Circuit breakers are integral for managing the safe flow of electricity through your home. These safety measures detect surges in electrical activity and switch off power supplies to protect your appliances. However, circuit breakers can actually deliver harmful shocks to homeowners if they malfunction. If the breakers trip frequently, protect yourself and avoid contact with your circuit breaker. This warning applies for fuse boxes as well.
  • Insufficient Outlets: Many homeowners find that their power strips and circuit breakers are always overloaded. This issue may be solved through rewiring or by adding power outlets. Strategic placement of extra outlets can also help homeowners in rooms where power sources always seem out of reach. However, never attempt to install electrical outlets on your own, instead, leave this job to a trained electrician.

And remember, many state and local laws require that a permit be obtained prior to the installation of electrical wiring or devices, and that an inspection be performed to ensure that the work was completed safely and it meets applicable code requirements. If you hire an electrician or contractor to perform work at your home, be sure to confirm that he/she has obtained the appropriate permits, and you should request an inspection once the work is complete.

Safety should always be the foremost concern for anyone who is working on or around electricity. When in doubt, call a professional out.