Rate Schedule Medium Power Service

AVAILABILITY Available in all territory served by the Cooperative, subject to the Cooperative’s established Service Rules and Regulations.

APPLICABILITY Applicable to all non-residential single phase services up to 400 amps.

TYPE OF SERVICE Alternating current, single phase, 120/240V, approximately 60 cycles, at Cooperative standard secondary voltage. Maximum motor capacity will be ten horsepower (10HP).


Daily Access Charge (no kWh included) $1.94/day
Distribution Charge/kWh of: $0.03945/kWh
Wholesale Power Cost of:

MINIMUM CHARGE The minimum daily charge shall be $1.94 for single-phase service.

POWER COST ADJUSTMENT The Energy Charge contained in this rate may be increased or decreased by an increase or decrease in wholesale power cost, operational costs or sales volume experienced by the cooperative during term of agreement. The Board of Trustees may increase or decrease the monthly adjustment as it deems necessary to maintain the financial stability and integrity of the


BILL PAY SCHEDULE The Cooperative standard billing and payment schedule of all consumers billed under the incorporated rate shall apply to contracts, and no provision shall be incorporated in a contract that has conflicting provisions.

SINGLE POINT DELIVERY The above rates are based upon the supply of service through a single delivery and metering point and at one voltage. Separate supply for the same consumer at other points or at a different voltage shall be separately metered and billed. Service under this classification is subject to Service Rules and Regulations of the Cooperative.