Spot the truck: Identifying CAEC’s vehicles

When it’s time to restore power, you may see multiple CAEC trucks coming and going. To help you better understand what these vehicles do, check out the information below!

Pickup trucks

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We call these trucks the “bird dogs” because they are the first vehicles on the scene after a storm and locate and point out areas to be repaired. Once they survey the affected areas and assess damages like broken poles, downed lines, vegetation debris, accessibility to the area and more, the information is relayed to our dispatchers so crews can be sent out with the most updated stats. Some pickup trucks do have the necessary tools to begin working immediately if the pathways are clear, and these trucks will typically have ladders or other tools present.

Digger derrick and pole trailer

When poles are broken during a storm, you may see the digger derrick and pole trailer arrive with brand new poles to install. You’ll know it’s a digger derrick because it will look very similar to a bucket truck but on the back will be a large auger that’s used to drill holes for setting the poles.

Line trimming crew

If there’s significant tree damage or a number of downed trees that hinder us from accessing an area, we call in the line trimming crew. These trucks clear out as much debris as possible to ensure our other vehicles can pass through without issue. While they lend an important hand in getting crews to the affected areas faster, the line trimming crews do not have the necessary tools to begin restoring power themselves.

Bucket trucks

Bucket trucks, both small and big, arrive on the scene for a variety of reasons. If there are downed lines in the area, these vehicles can help get them hooked back up to the poles, or they can be used to perform routine maintenance on the lines. Sometimes they are part of a bigger construction crew that includes the digger derrick and pole trailer.