What you need to know about electricity usage in your home

Have you ever been curious about just how much electricity you’re actually using in your home? It’s a simple task to monitor how much gas your vehicle consumes or how many gallons of water your household uses, but how easy or difficult is it to monitor your electric usage?

You may be thinking that it surely requires a detailed process of constant meter checks at every flip of a switch or even the purchase of specialized equipment, but the answer actually boils down to a simple formula.

When purchasing your electricity, you are charged by the kilowatt-hour. One kilowatt-hour (kWh) is equal to 1,000 watt-hours, which means you consume 1,000 watt-hours of electricity for every one hour of use. If you take a look at many of your home appliances, you will see the wattage listed on the device; it will be shown as a number with a “W” after it.

On average, a typical CAEC home will consume about 1,200 kWhs a month, and we have an easy-to-calculate formula you can use to help you calculate just how many watt-hours your basic appliances are using.

With daily technology usage and smart home improvements skyrocketing in recent years and with more people utilizing technology to work from home, electricity usage has continued to rise. If you want to play an active role in monitoring your energy use around your home, keep this formula in mind or use our home energy calculator.