Interstate Business Park Update

On Monday, July 18 site work began on the Interstate Business Park property adjacent to the Central Alabama Electric Cooperative (CAEC) Headquarters on Highway 31 North. The project will result in a new retail development-ready site for small businesses. The work on the 12-acre parcel where CAEC’s former headquarters was located should be completed by the end of the year barring any weather delays.

Additionally, the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) has also begun a construction project on Hwy. 31 in front of the CAEC headquarters. ALDOT began the process to construct a middle turn lane on Monday, July 11, 2022, to help traffic flow into and out of the Interstate Business Park. The construction should span 90 days, but due to supply and labor shortages as well as the price of gasoline, exact timelines are difficult to predict.

“There will be a lot of moving parts in and around the business park during the next few months,” said Connie Bainbridge, CAEC Manager of Community & Economic Development. “We are excited about the prospect of bringing more jobs to the area—allowing our members to live and work in their own community.”