Central Access broadband update

We’re entering the next exciting stage of making rural internet a reality and it’s not too late to get in on the action! As Central Access contract crews continue to work on the main-line construction of Phase I, several additional crews are working on the lateral lines. These lines extend from the main line of our 400-mile core and will connect within approximately 700 feet of customer homes.

From these lateral lines, crews will begin running fiber drops from the pole to customer homes (who have paid the $25 commitment fee) in Part One of Phase I. This work will start at the main line from our West Operations Center in Verbena and extend south toward the Prattville Headquarters.

The fiber drop line will attach to a connection box, also known as a NID (Network Interface Device). The NID serves as the access point for the fiber from outside to inside the home. Once this step is underway, we will plan the next step of installing service to customer homes, which will bring service to some customers in Part One as early as January 2020.

This is the perfect time to sign-up for service with Central Access! If you haven’t done so, signing up now for just a $25 commitment fee will place your home on the fiber drop schedule, which is an exciting and necessary part of making lightning fast, affordable internet a reality! To see if your home is within Phase I, visit www.centralaccess.com.

Even if your home isn’t in Phase I, by signing up now, you will help determine the demand in your community, which will be important as construction begins beyond Phase I.

For more information about Central Access, visit our FAQ page.