CAEC’s Account Texting Feature

Central Alabama Electric Cooperative (CAEC) is offering yet another way for members to access their CAEC account. By using simple, one-word key commands, members can now pay their bill, check their bill amount and even report an outage, all from a mobile device!

To use this convenient feature, an accurate cell phone number must be linked to the member’s account. This can be done via our web account access at or by contacting a customer service representative (1-800-545-5735). To take advantage of the PAY option using this mobile method, a credit card or e-check must also be linked to the member account.

Once this information is linked to the account, you can simply text the key command JOIN to 352667. The interactive text will then reply with all the account numbers associated with the phone you are using. If it is correct, you reply START and you will then be able to access other commands.

To pay your bill, you can text PAY to 352667 at any time. The interactive text will then reply with the accounts linked to your phone number. If you have multiple accounts, you can select which one you would like to access. You can choose whether to pay the total amount due or a dollar amount of your own choosing, by either the credit card (key command CC) or Echeck (EC) on file for the account. The system will then ask you to confirm by texting “C” to confirm or “X” to cancel.

You can even use this service to report a power outage for the service address linked to the mobile number. By texting the command “OUTAGE” to 352667, our outage monitoring system will be notified and will report it accordingly.

This new feature is just another convenient way our members have 24/7 access to their account – no matter where they are.

Message and Data Rates may apply.


Key Commands:

Text any of these commands to 352667 to take advantage of our interactive texting system!

JOIN– to begin utilizing the system

START– to complete enrollment

BAL– to check on the balance on accounts associated with the mobile phone number on file

PAY– to pay the balance of an account linked to the mobile number on file

OUTAGE– to report an outage for the account address linked to the mobile number on file

MENU– for a list of available key commands

HELP– contact information for assistance

RESET– allows you to re-enter an incorrect account number

CALL– hyperlink to CAEC’s main phone number

STOP– request to opt out of the program

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